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Every Detail You Need to Know About Lakesha Draine



Lakesha Draine is an American media personality best known as the wife of Jim Rose, a well-known American sports presenter and commentator. Her relationship with Jim propelled her into the public eye.

Lakesha Draine is a well-known public figure with an excellent reputation for her work as a spouse. She is a member of the L Design Group.

To learn more about Lakesha Draine, go through some exciting details about her life.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lakesha Draine
Profession Businesswoman
Birth Country USA
Gender Identity Female
Eye Colour Black
Marital Status Married
Hair Colour Black
Spouse Jim Rose
Children 2
Networth $600000

Early Life

 There is no data on the Internet about her parents, even there is no information about her date of birth, her age, or her educational status. We’ll update you soon if she leaves her life details online further.Lakesha Draine wife of Jim Rose

Career Details

Lakesha Draine is a co-founder of L Design Group, an interior design company in Chicago. She’s also a Vice President at Swan Group, and associated with ABC 7 Chicago. Detailed information about his career is following:

1. L Design Group

Lakesha Draine is a co-founder and a member of the L Design Group, an interior design company based in Chicago.

The company specializes in services like furniture selection, decor, and color consultation. Her involvement in the L Design Group has contributed significantly to her professional success.

2. Vice President at Swan Group

Lakesha also serves as a vice president at the Swan Group. This position further highlights her significant presence in the business world. Her contributions to the Swan Group played a role in her husband Jim Rose’s net worth.

3. ABC 7 Chicago

Lakesha Draine is associated with ABC 7 Chicago, a prominent television station. While specific details about her role at the station are not provided, it is clear that she has been part of the media industry through her connection with this well-known broadcasting company.

Personal Life

Lakesha Draine, a wealthy entrepreneur, is married to Jim and has two children. After dating for a while, the couple decided to get married in 2011. They have a fantastic relationship together. 

Drain’s Twitter handle is a beautiful illustration of their incredible connection. Having been together for nearly ten years, Mr. and Mrs. Rose have no plans to divorce. The couple has been blessed with two beautiful children throughout their long relationship.

Their children’s names are Jayson and Suzette. Despite their hectic work schedules, the couple gives their children good care. Draine has a good relationship with her family.

Past Relationships of Her Husband

Before accepting Lakesha as his long-term partner, Jim was in a number of serious relationships. He was previously married to Cheryl Burton, with whom he had two children. They have been together ever since their 1986 wedding.

In their early twenties, the ex-couple first connected while working on sports projects. At the time, Cheryl was working as a cheerleader.

However, the couple could not keep their relationship together and divorced in 1995. Furthermore, no information on Burton exists following their divorce.Lakesha Rose

Net Worth

Lakesha Draine is earning good money from L Design Group, an interior design company based in Chicago that offers furniture, decor selection, color consultation, and more.

According to resources, she earns a yearly salary of 60,000 dollars. She is a vice president of the Swan Group, which accounts for a significant portion of her husband’s net wealth. 

Other than that, he works for ABC 7 Chicago. His net worth exceeds two million dollars. More than $90,000 is his yearly compensation.

Social Media Presence

Lakesha Draine is an active Facebook user who identifies herself as “Lakesha Rose.” She has 621 followers and 1.6k friends on Facebook as of 2024. She is not active on other platforms, like Instagram and Twitter.

Lakesha mostly shares pictures and videos related to her professional life on her Facebook account. However, she hasn’t revealed much information about her personal life on Facebook.

Facebook Account: Lakesha Rose  (Lakesha Draine)


Lakesha Draine has done really well in her personal and professional life, especially with Jim Rose. She’s committed to her family, and her business success has made a lot of people look up to her. She’s become a big name in American media and business because of her achievements.

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