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Jeff Tietjens: Get To Know About Aisha Tyler’s Ex-Husband



Jeff Tietjens is a well-known lawyer, but he is also quite famous as the ex-husband of a prominent entertainment personality, Aisha Tyler.

Aisha has gained fame over the past two decades. Thus, any personality that comes her way can also be publicly famous.

As a lawyer, Tietjens gains respect from his clients in the courtroom and the boardroom; he handles everything with great humor.

Tietjens handled many high-profile cases throughout his life, and he gained respect and fame from them. For more information, read this article.

Quick Profile

Full Name

Jeffery C. Tietjens

Date of birth

18 August,1970

Zodiac Sign


Birth Place

San Francisco, California, United States


Charlotte Brandt


Ronald Christopher Tietjens



Relationship Status



Aisha Tyler


Attorney, Lawyer

Jeff Tietjens CareerEarly Life And Education

Jeff is famous as the ex-husband of public personality Aisha Tyler, but he had a very quiet and personal life before marrying Aisha.

He was born on August 18, 1970, in San Francisco and raised in San Francisco, California, United States. He belongs to Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

Jeff’s father (Ronald Christopher Tietjens), when he was at his university, played football for the team named ‘Nittany Lions.’ Jeff’s mother (Charlotte Brandt) unfortunately died on December 5, 2008, when she was 68 years old.

Thus, Jess was not the only child that the couple had after their marriage; Jeff had 2 Siblings (Lenore M.Tigens and Sharon A.Tigens)

According to some research, Jeff’s high school name is not known yet, but it is known that after passing high school, he went to Dartmouth College for further studies, where he chose law.

He graduated from there with a degree in law and administration. After graduating, he took admission to Loyola Law School, where he completed his Master’s Degree.


Jeff Tietjens is a great lawyer with an incredible 20 years of experience. He also owns and operates many law firms in San Francisco and New York. He provides expert advice and legal representation to his clients in many industries.

Jeff has built a reputation among his customers for handling different legal cases, showing his skills and experience. He has gotten many clients to favor him, and he achieved all of this fame because he is a very skilled and experienced lawyer and attorney.

Unfortunately, he did not make his Law Firm public. His Law Firm was named ‘Jeff Tietjens Attorney Law Firm.

However, his reputation, skills, and experience are much enough for his clients, as he is a well-known attorney in his legal community. Jeff is respected by his clients, who consider him among the most eligible lawyers in the top field.

Net worth

Jeff, Aisha Tyler’s ex-husband, got so much fame after marrying her, but he made his net worth on his own by giving his skills and experience as a lawyer to people with justice and outcomes as their favorable and top-most lawyer.

According to research, Jeff Tietjen’s net worth is $8 million, which he earned as a lawyer. His dedication and hard work may lead to an increase in his net worth.jeff tietjens Personal Life

Relationship Status

Jeffrey Tietjens was married to Aisha Tyler, an amazing young woman in the Entertainment Industry. 

According to the research, Jeff and Aisha were college fellows. When they fell in love, they decided to take their relationship to the next level, and they finally got married in 1992.

They love each other but can’t give each other the happiness of a child. Hence, in one of her interviews, Aisha talked about conceiving problems, saying, “I love my husband very much, and I know that he would be a great father.

But after 20 years of their marriage, they got separated in January 2015, but their Divorce case ended in 2017 when they finally got divorced.

The reason behind this separation is still being disclosed to the media, but this divorce was circling all around the media at the time.

There were so many rumors about why they got separated, but the couple has not disclosed the actual reason.

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