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The Ultimate Knowledge About Geekzilla Podcast



In the world of technology and social media, podcasts have been in the spotlight for quite a time now. Many celebrities and idols have connected to their fans through these podcasts.

Among these podcasts, there is a special podcast that pops out the culture and colors of its origin, and that is the Geekzilla podcast.

This podcast not only covers Greek culture but a variety of stuff that has quite a big impact on the audience.

How? To find out, stay with us and scroll down to read related information in this article.

What actually is Geekzilla Podcast?

As Greek culture has a huge amount of diversity, the Geekzilla podcast is the same to talk on. To dig into the Geekzilla podcast, let’s take a look at its origins and who introduced it first.

Origin & History

Geekzilla podcast has a passionate history of its founders. This podcast originated in Greece when, in 2015, two passionate tech specialists, John and Sarah, felt the necessity to bring and debate on their vast Greek culture.

They came up with the idea of a particular podcast that only covers the things related to their culture.

And there when, this huge, impactful, and versatile podcast was founded and introduced to the Greek audience. Over the years, just like Greek culture, the Geekzilla podcast got into the spotlight and gained fame in the public.

All credit to John and Sarah, who always came up with different and colorful ideas to talk about in the podcast, which ended up deserving recognition for the podcast.

Interest Among Audience

For the past seven years, this podcast has been the most famous and hot podcast that has a very devoted audience, especially in Greece.

The Geekzilla podcast covers the versatility of topics like gaming, movies, 2k videos, video games, TV series, and technology related to Greek culture.

All these topics have been very important to the audience, especially when in the Geekzilla podcast, a group of mindset people who have a specialty in the related fields debates and share their perspectives, making the podcast more interesting and famous among the audience.What Actually Is Geekzilla Podcast

What Are The Hot Topics In Geekzilla Podcast?

As it was mentioned at the start of this article, the Geekzilla podcast covers a variety of topics related to Greek culture so here are some of the hot topics that are mostly under debate in the podcast.


In the era of 2024, when gaming has gained a lot of recognition worldwide and even a lot of people are making their career on the basis of video gaming, the Geekzilla podcast presents it as a hot topic to be debated in the podcast, specifically about those games and gamers who are from Greece and getting worldwide recognition.

The host of the show also invites all those famous gamers from Greece who are related to this particular field to record their perspectives on different stuff in games.

Not only video games, anime, 3k videos, and animated games are also discussed in the podcast.

TV series & Movies

On national and international levels, movies, TV series, and other related stuff not only break language barriers but also introduce different cultures worldwide. This topic is the most discussed in the Geekzilla podcast.

Which movies got international recognition? Especially what checks and impact it had on Greeks, whether they liked it or not. All these aspects are discussed in the podcast.

Sometimes, the host reads the movie to the public to take a more in-depth look at the sight of a normal human being.

Colors Of Culture

As the Geekzilla podcast mainly stands for the culture of Greeks, it would be weird if we did not mention this event in hot topics.

Alright, yes, this is the biggest topic to be celebrated in the podcast, just like as big as the color of cultures and perimeters of history Greece has.

Different accents, traditions, famous places, famous food, and peaks of history, especially the story of Cleopatra and ancient dressing, are the topics that the Geekzilla podcast mainly covers.

Merchandise and Fan Events

Geekzilla not only entertains its audience but also provides the facility to organize different fan events and exclusive merchandise for fans.


The Geekzilla podcast organizes unique collaborations and partnerships with Greece-based brands to help these brands get national and international recognition and promote their country-made products and brands internationally.

The podcast hosts also collaborate with those who are pretty famous in their audience.

Ultimate Knowledge About Geekzilla Podcast


The world of technology is vast, and people who admire and are interested in technology are always looking for something that helps them understand their interests in technology. The Geekzilla podcast

Provides various programs where they discuss and bring different information about technology for their interested audience.

Final Words

In final words, this article covers the Geekzilla Podcast and provides its main features. It is assumed that you can better understand geek culture through this podcast program.

For some unique perspective points, the Geekzilla Podcast will be a good choice for you to understand your sense of interest or passion for all things related to geek.

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